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New Patients

Dr. Ellensohn reviewing x-rays with a patientWelcome to Ellensohn Chiropractic! Our practice is located in an old Casey’s building in town. Our friendly chiropractic assistants are great with children so moms can relax and get adjusted without having to worry about the rest of their family. Here, kids are welcomed just as much as adults. They can color, play or watch a movie in their own area. The practice also features a changing room/moms’ feeding room so mothers can take care of their baby’s needs in complete privacy.

The First Visit

At your first visit you can expect the following:

  • A scan taken with the Insight™
  • X-rays
  • An examination
  • A relief adjustment

Dr. Kyle provides a chiropractic adjustment at the first visit so he can see how you responded to it. The length of the first visit depends on how many children you bring in and how busy the office is. If just one person comes in the appointment takes about 20 minutes. If a family comes in and every member gets scanned and X-rayed the visit takes about 45 minutes.

The Second Visit

At this appointment, Dr. Kyle will show everyone their X-rays, point out what’s going on and where he sees the problem and why. He’ll review chiropractic care, his proposed treatment plan, how long care will take, and the costs involved. This visit takes about 10 minutes.

Regular Visits

By this point, Dr. Kyle will know how you’re going to respond and what we need to modify to help you get better as quickly as possible. These regular appointments typically take just a few minutes — 5-10 minutes max. We aim to find the problem, get it fixed and let the body do what it’s supposed to do.

Do I Have to Go for Life?

It’s always your choice as to how long you want to come in for care. Dr. Kyle will tell each patient, “We have to fix the problem first as that’s why you’re here.” If you only seek to get out of pain, your problem will likely come back, and we will have to fix it again.
Just like you brush your teeth every day, or change the oil in your car at regular intervals, taking care of your spine is as essential. Not only would coming in every three weeks for maintenance care keep your problem away but it will help your body fight off infections and colds in the wintertime and keep you moving easier.

We never turn anyone away for any circumstances. Whether you have an appointment scheduled or are a walk-in you will receive efficient, high-quality care at the practice. Book an appointment today!

New Patients | (641) 342-2122